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About Vocab
Vocab is privately owned company located in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Company Vision  ( 1 items )

    Vocab's vision is to offer the world's best support for individualized learning. The best results are achieved through an interactive process with clients and users!

  • History  ( 1 items )

    The Founder of the company began the first draft of a learning product already during the year 2000, but the company Vocab was founded 2002.

    • The 1st generation of the platform was developed during 2001 and was presented to potential clients and users.
    • The 2nd generation was developed during 2002 and was used at the department of German and Dutch at Gothenburg University.
    • Vocab founds a development center in StPetersburg Russia at Starsoft Development Labs
    • Vocab is awarded VinnNU by Vinnova (  and NUTEK ( for a "Unique Technology Idea". The project has also been sponsored by Finansdirekt: snabblån samt Smslåna direkt på nätet.
    • The 3rd generation VocabTool platform was developed during 2004 and was launched during 2005.